Microscale: Skymont Hotel

This is Skymont Hotel:

8-17-2014 0918-17-2014 088

Skymont Hotel is a hotel built on a floating mountain. The floating mountain is built of a technic bush, a drill part, and a technic belt wheel all held together with a technic x pin. One side of the technic bush is connected to a 2x2x1 cylinder with the x pin plugged into the cylinder’s x hole. Each side of the hotel is built of a technic 1/2 pin with a bar, a technic cylinder, and clear and gold studs. The trees and the path are also built of studs:

8-17-2014 0878-17-2014 0838-17-2014 082

I finished the base this morning:

8-17-2014 0868-17-2014 0788-17-2014 084

I designed the base to parallel the look of a plush couch that you might find in a hotel of this style.

That’s all for today. Thanks!



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