Microscale: Blacktron headquarters

Here’s my newest creation, Blacktron Headquarters:

8-8-14 006

Blacktron was a LEGO® space theme that was released in 1987 and retired in 1988 and it’s color scheme was black, yellow, and transparent red. The theme is many a LEGO® space fan’s favorite and it has inspired countless cool builds. My first Blacktron build, Blacktron Headquarters features Miniship landing bays, which are made of various circular parts and clipped onto the building.


8-8-14 0098-8-14 0078-8-14 008

On the roof of the headquarters is a radar dish, a lookout station, and two antenna:

8-8-14 0058-8-14 002

Once my brick collection allows, I plan to make the HQ two levels taller, and at that height the structure will need internal support. Also the tower needs to be anchored strongly to the base. I planned in advance for this by building in technic x pins:

8-8-14 0048-8-14 0038-8-14 015

The base of Blacktron Headquarters is my first purely decorative one. I used technical looking parts (known as “Greebles” by the LEGO® fan community) like gears, clips and, 1×1 round tiles, to give the base a space age look:

8-8-14 0138-8-14 014


Here are the build’s miniships, a space barg and a Blacktron speader:

8-8-14 0128-8-14 011

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.


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