Westcourt Castle

Today I am writing about my newest creation, Westcourt Castle:

8-2-2014 0428-2-2014 041

I had fun using blue and clear plates, and cheese slopes to create water for the first time. I used 1×2 dark tan and tan slopes to create the affect of wet and dry sand.

8-2-2014 0408-2-2014 037

The cellar grate can break open allowing a minifigure to sneak into the tower:

8-2-2014 0398-2-2014 038

Here is the inside of the tower:

8-2-2014 0358-2-2014 034

The  stairs are built of 1×3 plates and 1×2 inverted slopes, and the landings are made of 3×4 plates from TLC’s(The Lego® Company)  minifigures theme.  I built the tower’s upper floor of black 1×8 tiles and plates:

8-2-2014 0328-2-2014 031

During the building process, I knew that I wanted a plausible way for a minifigure to reach the tower’s upper level from the stairwell, but I also wanted to have a floor above the final segment of stairs. I solved this problem by building a trapdoor, which is built out of an 1×8 plate and two 1×8 tiles, a 2×3 plate, a 1×3 plate, and a 2×2 plate with technic holes on the bottom. The trapdoor sub-assembly is then attached to the wall with a 1×2 brick with a technic pin.

8-2-2014 0308-2-2014 028

Here are some more pictures:

8-2-2014 0298-2-2014 0338-2-2014 036


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