Dark Hollows

Today I’m writing about my LEGO pipe organ build. I have named the MOC after the lyrics to the song that inspired it; Dark Hollows:

7-13-14 039

First I built the organ. I wanted it to look neglected, so most of the keys are light tan, leaving only two white ones:

7-13-14 038

I placed a silver stud on two of the pipes to give the impression that the paint had worn away, and the LEGO clip system allowed me to build a bent pipe:

7-13-14 035

Next I built the base. The organ is meant to look like it is in the forest, and plant parts, as well as the spider web helped me achieve this look:

7-13-14 037

I often used the organ as a reference as to where the plants should be placed on the base, so I built tiles and jumper plates in for easy attachment and removal of the organ. When I finished the build, these were replaced with more permanent x1 plates.

7-13-14 0337-13-14 032

Here are some more pictures:

7-13-14 0317-13-14 0367-13-14 034

Thanks for reading!


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