Power Miners: Mine Mech Rebuild

One of my favorite LEGO themes is Power Miners and today I am writing about my rebuild of set 8957 Mine Mech. Here is the original:

8957 Mine Mech set

Here’s my rebuild:

Mini Mech-2

I kept the main idea of the set the same, but enlarged the components to give a more heavy duty look. I traded the set’s saw for a 9×9 circular blade,  and put it at an angle to the shaft, unlike the original:

Mini Mech-saw

I mimicked the claw arm sub-build in Power Miners set 8189 to build the mech’s claws:

8189 Magma Mech setMini Mech-claw

The most challenging but my favorite part of this MOC to build was the cockpit:

Mini Mech-cockpitMini Mech-cockpit2

I wanted a minifigure to be able to sit farther in the cockpit than the original set allowed, so I widened and deepened it by one stud. I added a control panel and a steering wheel, both with clip and bar connections (which were very fun to design). The chair is attached the same way as the base of the original cockpit, and the legs are attached with ball and socket joints. Also, printed slopes from set 8958 to give the mech sturdy feet that have a similar look to the official set.

This build was lots of fun! thanks for reading!


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