Bionicle the Sequel: Bohrok Va

The Bohrok Va were very small Bioncles that where released in 2002. Their heads were each built of a Bionicle shield, a Technic socket joint, two x2 X pins, and two Bionicle “eye” pieces:


An origional Bohrok Va

I borrowed this idea and built my own Bionicle with Bohrok Va heads. As you will see, that’s where the similarity ends:

6-15-14 1096-15-14 1126-15-14 111

The body assembly of this Bionicle is the same as that of the original Toa, but I used Hero factory armor parts for the top portion of the legs. It is important to have contrasting colors in any LEGO® creation (you will see in most of mine), so I gave this figure a blue weapon and blue eyes to contrast his otherwise fiery color scheme. I also like to make Bionicles with bodies built of regular Technic parts, like this one:

6-15-14 1076-15-14 106

And here is my favorite Bohrok Va MOC:

6-15-14 1196-15-14 1156-15-14 114

I plugged small tooth parts into his knee and shoulder armor, and attached the elbow spikes to give him a spiky theme. I also built the top part of his staff with a launcher ball, a thornax launcher, a x4 Technic X pin, and two LEGO® “ring of power” parts to make the staff more interesting. Here are some photos of the rest of my Bohrok Va MOCs:

6-15-14 1086-15-14 1136-15-14 116     6-15-14 110

Thanks for reading!



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