Micro scale: Medevial

Here are some of my micro scale medieval MOCs. First The Mill:

I used some wheels from a medieval cart for the water wheel in the mill.

The mill wheel is built of two cart wheels, and the trees are each made of 1 or 2 1×1 cones on a brown stud. I built the boarder with x1 black plates. Next is The Mountain Top Hut:

Nexus-4-16-14 059

The roof of the hut is a ninja hat and I used jumper plates and 1×1 plates to build the stares. Now a look at my Waterfall Castle:

Lego-4-30-14 008Lego-4-30-14 009

I used sideways building to attach the waterfall to the rock-face and I built technic bricks into the sides so that it can modularity attach to other MOCs.


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