Micro scale: Now’a days

Here’s a collection of my modern day Micro scale MOCs. Let’s go from simplest to the most complicated. First is a jet plane:

6-1-14 010

It’s built of only two technic plates and goes to show that you can build a recognizable object out of only a few bricks. Next is a micro truck:

6-1-14 0136-1-14 012

The trailer can detach from the truck and I used common pieces so that it would be easy to build multiples of or for other LEGO® fans to build.

Here’s a helicopter:

6-1-14 011

This picture shows that one of the sides of a technic “bush” can be attached to the top of a 2×2 plate.

And finally, a propeller plane:

6-1-14 009

I used skateboard wheels for the planes wheels, and an arrow part plugged into a 1×1 brick with 4 side studs to attach the propeller:

6-1-14 0086-1-14 007

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