This is the inventor’s personal mech (You may remember the inventor from my post Bionicle and Hero Factory):

5-28-14 013

The mech encompasses normal, technic, and bionicle parts. The most important part of the build was giving it stable feet which are each built of a 2x2x1 inverted slope and a 2x2x2 slope connected to a socket brick.

5-28-14 0075-28-14 006

Here’s one of the inventor’s motor bikes:

5-28-14 0125-28-14 011

This MOC was extremely fun to build, as I had to puzzle out how to attach the wheels, the chair, and the controls:

5-28-14 0105-28-14 008  5-28-14 009

And here’s his transport ship:

5-28-14 0055-28-14 004

I really enjoyed designing  the propeller sub-build:

5-28-14 003

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