Bionicle and Hero Factory!

Any LEGO® fan who has been building since 2010 or earlier remembers the Bionicle series and rues its end. I was certainly disappointed and at first not at all satisfied with the replacement: Hero Factory. But it has grown on me, and I have found that Hero Factory are great for taking on long car  trips because unlike Bionicle they require no extra pieces like technic pins and clips to attach parts with. Here are some of my Bionicle and Hero Factory creations (Shown next to a minifigure to give a sense of scale):

5-21-2014 0115-21-2014 0135-21-2014 0125-21-2014 006

These Bionicle’s bodies are built the same way as the original Toa, with a gear system to give “animated arms”. I find that part of the fun of Bionicle is building their tools and weapons, and using bricks in clever ways to make armor:

5-21-2014 0075-21-2014 0085-21-2014 009

Now for Hero Factory:

5-21-2014 0015-21-2014 014

The new armor clip system allows for easily built figures (you may notice that I often use Bionicle parts with Hero Factory, like the first hero’s weapon and the second hero’s helmet. I also use Bionicle and Hero Factory parts in my brick built MOCs, like this swamp monster:

Nexus-4-16-14 057


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