The Elven Outpost

5-18-14 016

This is the Elven Outpost. It is another part of my medieval village series and it is built entirely on a 8×16 baseplate. The front gate opens, the portcullis slides up and the door fold back. I gave the castle a slightly rounded look by using angle bricks and  large “castle tower” bricks and the decals are all from the Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo set.

5-18-14 0175-18-14 011

There is also a small swiveling catapult on the top level:

5-18-14 0145-18-14 012

The flags are clipped onto spears that are plugged into headlight bricks (sorry, but the flags don’t show up very well against the white background) and the assembly that allows the portcullis to slide is identical to that in 7947 Prison Tower Rescue. That’s all for The Elven Outpost. Thanks so much for reading.


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