My Brick-Pets

This is Bert:

5-14-14 0125-14-14 004

He is a literature lizard. I started with the idea to use LEGO® magnifying glasses (they really do magnify) for eye glasses and worked from there, first building the head then the neck and body and finishing with the feet. I used sideways building to attach the top part of the head to the lower, hing plates for the neck, and plugged the tail into a brick with a technic hole and a technic pin. My favorite part of this build was puzzling out what clever combination of bricks would work best; the hips and palms of the feet are droid bodies, the upper part of the legs are skeliton legs, and the toes are robot arms.

Here’s Jerry:

5-14-14 007

He unfortunately has no body, but he gets on. I used sideways building to attach the nose (based of of the wolf’s nose in set 70004) and the sides of the mouth, and the ears are flaps clipped on to angle posts that are plugged into headlight bricks, making them positional:

5-14-14 0065-14-14 005

And last but not least is Bill:

5-14-14 0095-14-14 008

His feet are really elephant ear pieces.

That’s how I built my LEGO® animals.

Thanks for reading!


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