The Wild West

Welcome to the wild west!

WildWest 013

These are the Sheriffs Office and the General Store. They use a modular system to connect to each other or any other wild west MOCs I might build in future:

WildWest 007WildWest 010

Both MOCs have removable roofs and open backs to allow easy access to the inside (and to reduce the number of bricks needed 🙂 ).

The  General Store:

WildWest 012

I built The General Store first, and used white 1×1 posts for the corners of the “main” structure to contrast the textured brown walls. This became the color scheme for the rest of the MOC. Here’s the inside:

WildWest 011WildWest 004

As you can see, the store has a mail table, a safe, and a gun seller. Now for The Sheriff’s Office:

WildWest 006WildWest 005

The Sheriff’s Office has a lantern and a gun holder, as well as a jail cell. And a few more pictures:

WildWest 003WildWest 002 12-18-13 nexus 022WildWest 012



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