Medieval Town Market

I have recently been building a medieval town, which will include the Blacksmith Shop. Here’s the town market. First we have the butcher. I used a red see-through radar dish for some blood and I attached both the turkey leg and the radar dish with jumper plates.

5-7-14 001 5-7-14 002

Next is the fish cart. I modeled the hitch after the one in the 70401 gold getaway set; it allows the new (and awesome!) LEGO® horses to rear up. I also made a stand for the cart, using a small angle bracket and a hinge plate, so that it stays upright without a horse:

5-7-14 0035-7-14 0055-7-14 006

Next is the Axe carnival game (The participant is given an axe and if they hit the target they get to keep it). I used spears to hold the target up:

5-7-14 009

And finally, there is a spice vendor:

5-7-14 007

That’s all for the market, but I’ll be posting more MOCs from my town. Thanks!


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