Building tip: sideways building!

Today I’ll tell about different building techniques and show examples of how I use them. First off is my favorite, and the one I use most often:

Lego-4-30-14 005   Lego-4-30-14 003


Those pictures show that 5 plates stacked are equal to 2 studs on a sideways plate. As you may remember, I used the first in The Wintertide to attach the gun to the deck, and the latter in The Blacksmith Shop to attach the roof to the rest of the building:

SS-Valor 004   Nexus-4-30-14 002


Here’s another sideways building technique:

Lego-4-30-14 004    Lego-4-30-14 006


These show that a headlight brick and a brick on its side together are two studs long. I also used this building technique in The Blacksmith Shop to attach the flag:

Nexus-4-30-14 001

And one last sideways building technique; an angle bracket and two sideways 2×2 plates are two studs wide:

Lego-4-30-14 007

I used this in one of my space racers to make the “wing” fit snug against the cockpit:

OrangeSpaceRacer Lego-4-30-14 010

And I used it in this mini scale scene to attach the water:

Lego-4-30-14 008Lego-4-30-14 009

These are some sideways building techniques that use studs to connect. I’m sure there are many more just waiting to be discovered! So I’d encourage you to stop reading this and go find some more.



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