Pharaoh’s Quest: flying mummy attack redesign

Another one of my favorite sets is flying mummy attack, today I’m writing about the plane I based off the bi-plane in that set. Here’s the original:


and here’s mine:


As well as changing the color and the placement of the lower wings, I also changed the scale of the model from minifigure scale to something in between minifigure and miniland scale. Early on I decided that my version of the plane would be a “sport” plane, so I added a windshield and a steering wheel. I used textured bricks to give the seat backs a comfortable look:


But my favorite part of the plane is the functional propeller. It is powered by the wheels with a system of gears so that when the plane is pushed along a surface the propeller spins:

Bi-plane-gear Bi-plane-propeler

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading about how I built my bi-plane.


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